Does Link Wheel work after Panda & Penguin Update?

WebPro Solutions explains why and how link wheel still recognized to be a working strategy to boost rankings on Search Engine.

A major update on Search Engine named “Panda Update” had a significant impact on search results affecting 12.5 % of major websites that ranked high on search results. Initially introduced to remove scrapped content later took different versions of update that refined the search results to present the users exact matching websites for all keywords without duplication and repetition.

Following Panda, another update on Google named Penguin Update dated April 2012 which is popularly known to be the brother of Panda did its deed perfectly and of course to remove unrelated ranking websites. Meanwhile worldwide SEO webmasters had a tough time to safeguard the ranking positions of their respective websites. Fortunately, Link Wheel, a pure content based dofollow link building method which is still found to be effective as “Content is the King” and it is the strongly and only supported constraint for Google after all these algorithmic updates.

Content is the prominent reason and so the Link Wheel Strategy. In Link wheel, every single link formed should be from different web 2.0 sites and again from different unique content pertaining to the keywords together considered to be a natural way of gaining backlinks. While web 2.0 links are of Dofollow, every single link is indexed by crawler which puts weight on the website for which the keywords point to. This method is fast enough and easiest and abundant in its construction.

Today, successful webmaster recommends this methodology to build links that help in ranking, traffic and also to stay ahead of competitors.

WebPro Solutions have tested and practiced Link Wheel for acquiring and maintaining high rankings for many websites in its tenure following which it continues to do and recommend this powerful link building strategy. In any other kind of Offpage optimization, there is limited possibility to post content and fix a link in between the quality content. Well, this is the major advantage exactly.

Besides ranking purpose, Link Wheel helps in following ways

v  Similar theme of Additional Websites

v  Link Exchanges at free of cost

v  Authority links that increase Page Rank of the website

v  Boost traffic from with authority

v  Your site is informed more and more.

v  Maintained to be a Blog of a company.

While Link Wheel can be built any company on the web, WebPro Solutions goes behind a unique strategy that makes its stay ahead of its competitors. Besides ranking, all the other added advantage of Link wheel is achieved here. Not just ranking, a company can be benefited from additional websites, increased traffic, authority publicizing and a blog of information. It is considered to be a natural process and so avoiding spam and repeated content are strictly avoided at WebPro Solutions, being aware of link penalties. This is evident from the Spokes they build it off. As content tend to be a loophole to catch Google’s attention, this tactic serves for prospect updates as well.

To enjoy the benefits of Link Wheel & to use it up for more than just link building, visit our site

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