Effective Link wheel service by WebPro Solutions

Advanced Link Wheel Method

Many techniques are in use to build more back-links for a web page. Still link wheel methods are consistently used even after all kinds of algorithmic updates for it deals with the back links from content. Link Wheel is a formation of wheels where all spokes are the links from micro sites. These sites contain content created by authors or blog writers related to the theme of the commercial site so that the links looks natural. The greatest advantage is its do follow link.

These are recognized sites and can be easily listed on the Search engines. They quickly index and rank on search engines since they are well established niche sites. Especially, ranks high on Google because of the point that Google loves content & SEO friendly sites.

Do not focus only on the variety of small sites included to the weblink tires but also the quality of content in those sites. The content needs to be exclusive and should not be spinned from other websites. The spun content is easy to identify. Posting repeated content is strictly avoided these days. Writing one or two content for each site is more than enough to make it look natural. Never place the links in a uniform manner for all the micro sites where you post the content and do not make the submission automated. Spend some time to build these links manually.

Single weblink to each of small website passes the link juice of one website to another, building up the value of each of our hyperlinks and thus also improving our own site’s positions on Search engines. The significance of link wheel is that it is instantly approved, easily indexed, highly dofollow and available in n numbers for creation, ultimately free.

Now the last thing to remember is choose the structure of your link wheel before you proceed. Bookmark all the links for quick and easy indexing. Some people use book marking strategy while some go for RSS feed aggregates to increase the number of ping backs and also in classified for instant links. If you are especially serious, create as many micro sites then you should not create all small sites on the same domain as it does not look organic to Search engines and might be spammed.

If you want your rankings on search engines to improve noticeably then link wheel will help you. Particular keyword and key phrase, will take long time which will mostly be in several weeks, and so these web 2.0 link wheel strategies can increase the positions on search engines weekly or two.


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